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Shared Hosting Issues

I love Godaddy particularly when it comes to speed. However, I was prompted that my website's using too much resources so I need to upgrade. This website is currently under construction and only receives 10 - 20 visits.


Please take a look at this website and kindly recommend which shared hosting plan can serve 10 million visitors monthly. Thanks.

Community Manager

Hi @rj7. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


It looks like you've used WordPress to build your site. Since the use of different themes and plugins can greatly affect the amount of resources needed for a site to function smoothly, it's hard to say what plan you should be using. One thing I'd suggest is using a caching plugin like Cache Enabler. That will reduce the amount of resources your site needs to run most of the time. If not, you may want to post more information here regarding the theme and plugins you're using. Someone might be able to offer you additional suggestions. 


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