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Sub Domain not working


This is the sub-domain I have created way back, like a month ago, it was all working fine, until 2 days ago when it just won't load.

I have tried everything, checking database, WordPress, plugins, theme, enabling WordPress debug functionality, nothing. It doesn't even come to the point where it would load WordPress, it just hangs and fails to load site.

This is how it looks like

Any help from GoDaddy technical team would most appreciated as we need this site working again.

Thank You

Community Manager

Hi @TannerB. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! When I try to visit your site, I get an error regarding privacy. This is due to the certificate for apparently being self-signed. You'll want to install an SSL Certificate issued by a reputable source if you wish to use HTTPS. Many browsers will not recognize self-signed certificates. 


Since this doesn't appear to be for the primary domain on your account, you'll need to manually install the certificate for this URL whether you get it from GoDaddy or another provider. This article may help with that. 


I'm not sure the above will fully address your issue, but it is part of the problem you're having for sure since any non HTTPS requests are being redirected to HTTPS. 


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