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cPanel file usage way to high

I logged today into the GoDaddy cPanel to make few changes and I noticed that suddenly I am using over 7 GB of space and almost 300.000 files.

Since my limit is 250.000 files/folders/etc, I never had more than 220.000. I deleted almost 4 complete websites from the server and also cleaned up mail accounts.

Without deleting this websites I was running around 150.000 files, but self after deleting now this 4 websites and cleanup of the email accounts it shows still a bit over 250.000 files.


I visited this account 2 days ago and I was just having around 147.000 files.

I have removed all my test sites and deleted everything I could, and my total number of files/folders is now still over 250.000 and I use little less than 5.6GB of space.

According to the disk usage page, I have 3,377.52 MB of data as 'Other Usage' - defined as 'Files outside your home directory or files you do not have permission to access.'

I have no idea where these extra ~ 100.000 files/folders came from - no malware of any kind detected, no newly created users, no logon errors etc. ...

I have contacted GoDaddy in several ways, but no response ...

Getting Started

I have the same problem, all of a sudden my file usage is nearly 700,000 

Somehow it doesn't seems to bother godaddy that this issue is not only existing on one user account.

i haven't heard anything from godaddy at all and the issue is still existing


I was on the phone for an hour yesterday and we were going through my files to see if I had been hacked or been spammed with emails which counts as a file for each email and nothing was found and then told be to check back tomorrow as it could be an error their end 

Like I already said, we have deleted 4 full webpages, which run normal before and also cleaned email accounts and we have checked all pages and have security features, and for sure there is no hack at all. It can't be a hack with also other accounts when the same issue appears. That's an issue with godaddy and not a hack at all. As said, we have been running before since month including this deleted 4 websites and uncleaned email accounts around 150.000 files/folders, and all of a sudden it jumps up. Can't be, only when its used as a root cloud service hack. And there was no hack, otherwise whole godaddy would be compromised and not just a few customer accounts. It must be a system glitch.


Hopefully they get it sorted ASAP as I cant update my website or add images or anything 

Had the same problem, first noticed 7 hours ago by myself trying to FTP, not reported by any customer (but they are more likely to give up and try later).  It is resolved now of its own accord, file usage is now back to 1/2 what it was during the glitch and within account limitation, and consistent with the result of `find ~ | wc -l` (which counts all files/directories within your home directory tree).  I did not think at the time to check for files within `/tmp/` (e.g. `find /tmp/ | wc -l`).


I would like an explanation from GoDaddy as to how this happened, and assurances that it won't happen again.  If that can't be provided, then I think all affected account-holders file handle limits should be doubled in order to mitigate against any future recurrence of this issue which basically breaks any website functionality requiring creating a file on the server.



Getting Started

Not resolved yet, at least for me.

The inodes are still duplicates, impossible to create or add any file. I understand that the problems may appear, what I would like to know is what type of compensation they have thought, in my case more than 24 hours since we detected the problem, 24 hours without being able to work and counting...

file usage blowing up on its own , all my websites down now 48hours , i am losing a bunch of subscribers / clients , godaddy not doing anything , for a public company listed on the new york stock exchange , i believe they not doing the right thing , very poor support , hopefully you guys will do something fast and have my websites UP again ...... HELP PLEASE


i have the same problem from last 24 hours are not resolved yet by godaddy support staff

I was on the phone to them on Friday about it which someone talked me through going through my FTP for an hour looking for these extra 600,000 files I supposedly had to then say it might be a glitch there end so its been over 48 hours that I have not been able to edit my website or add anything 

Issue still not resolved for me after 48 hours. I was initially told by godaddy that the only way to solve this was to pay to upgrade my account. This made no difference at all. Then they admitted the problem is at their end. Only got a partial refund. Still unable to access my own website to add photos. Not good when you are an event photographer in the middle of my busiest time of year.

Hey Everyone!


I'm really sorry to hear about the trouble each of you have been experiencing with the reported file usage in each of your cPanel hosting plans. I know our hosting team has still been collecting examples and reporting affected servers for investigation with our system admins. 


If you haven't already done so (and for those who are just encountering this issue now) please reach out to our live support so they can help gather details needed for the investigation. We'll try to follow up here with more updates once they're made available. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Why don't you tell your support people about the problem.  They spoke to me like I was crazy or something.  All they tried to do was upsell me for more space, not solve the problem.  If I knew you guys used salesmen for tech support, I would have taken my business elsewhere.


My file usage is back to normal but i still cant upload a image through WordPress as i am still getting the error "Missing Temporary Folder"  

I have had this problem for years, whenever I talk to support they have no solution, only to pay for a more expensive hosting plan. It's a total scam, I hate godaddy hosting for things like this. I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years but I am at my ropes end. I will be switching to someone who has more ethical and honest business practices. F*ck godaddy.

This has happened to me a few times, and it happens really fast, and they always try to upgrade you. it is very suspisous. And the people on the phone can tell you nothing and only want to sell and make the commission.  Seems like a scheme sadly. Otherwise, it would be addressed.