Office 365 Online Essentials 1TB Storage Upgrade

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Quick query from someone debating moving from a free GoDaddy hosted email to an Office 365 Online Essentials package, is the 1TB storage which is included upgradeable..? My assumption is that it's Microsoft One Drive and therefore possible through Microsoft or GoDaddy but I wanted to double check prior to confirming any change to our package.


Searching the help section I found this...

...but wanted to check if it's still valid and actually relevant for what I'm asking.


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Andy 🙂

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Hi @AndyBaines. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


 There isn't a way to upgrade the storage available on these plans. However, if you add the archiving feature for your address, it will increase your storage (by 50 GB) and allow you to use the storage more efficiently. Archived messages wouldn't count against your regular storage. Hope that helps. 


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Thank you very much for the confirmation.


Andy 🙂