Is it easy to build a website with wordpress

I plan to build a basic website as a musician, using siteground hosting, WordPress + VisualComposer and WooCommerce.

What are the best, quickest tutorials? I've got a lot of experience with graphic programs and next to none in coding. Is it relatively easy to do this?

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Easy is subjective. 😉  But, being a WordPress enthusiast, it doesn't get any easier for you to have a feature rich website where you have the most control.  And, you really don't need to know any code.  With the exception of possibly tweaking any CSS you don't have to worry about coding.


But.... I would skip the VisualComposer.  "Builders", in my view, make things more difficult and can even prove to be a PIA if you want to switch themes or layouts down the road.


Instead find a Premium theme (no free themes) that is responsive and has the basic layout you are looking for.  Then you can compliment that with WordPress' built-in Gutenberg Editor that has all kinds of blocks that you can customize to your minds-eye.  There are even block plugins to enhance that further.


Is there anything specific you want to learn about?  Let me know...


HTH! 😉


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