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I have recently had 3 websites transferred to my cpanel. And a 4th created by 3rd party. My cpanel hosting is supposed to be good for 5 websites but when my last site transferred it said it has exceeded its disk usage quota. And also some of my websites that have been transferred tell me in the domain section to setup website. They should already be setup when it was transferred. They are ready made websites bought from Flippa. Please i need to verify my account to make sure that I am doing things correctly. I have recently started hosting sites so I am still new at this. Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Melissa Leboutillier.
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If you are over-quota you'll have to get in touch with GoDaddy to find out what's up and possibly upgrade.  Pretty much all hosting plans have storage limitations.   If you've surpassed those, you'll have to upgrade. 😉




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Thanks for the reply @Muse. I will get in touch with godaddy support.