How Email Encryption Can Secure Your Communications

Keep your email out of the wrong hands with encryption.

Protect your business with the same technology used by the 5 largest U.S. banks.

Required for all mailboxes in multi-user plans

What is email encryption?

Who needs email encryption?

If you’re in one of these industries, encryption is a necessity.

Financial institutions.
Whether you’re a local tax advisor or a global securities firm, your entire business revolves around sensitive financial data. If you want to attract or retain clients, you need encryption to assure them that your email is safe.
Healthcare providers.
More than just hospitals, this includes everyone from general practitioners to insurance companies. Personal health information is every bit as sensitive as financial data; encryption tells patients and clients they can trust you.
Attorneys, brokers and more.
If your business deals with confidential information of any kind – from lawsuits to loan applications -- email encryption shows clients that you value their privacy and are doing everything you can to protect them.

How to send and receive encrypted emails

Choose your plan and add email encryption.
Pick the plan that’s right for you and select Add Encryption when you’re checking out. Or just choose our Premium Security plan, which includes both encryption and archiving.

Already have email with us? Learn how to add encryption to your plan.


  • Is there a size limit to an encrypted email?

    Yes, you can only send emails of 100 MB or less.
  • Is there an outbound sending limit?

    Yes. You can send a maximum of 100 emails over a 10-minute period or 500 emails over a 24-hour period.
  • Can I use email encryption in a country outside of the U.S.?

    Yes, but your email will flow through U.S.-based data centers.
  • Is this PCI compliant, or will it help me become PCI compliant?

    Using this service will ensure that sensitive information is transmitted securely, which is one of the requirements for PCI compliance. But just using this service does not ensure that your business is PCI compliant.
  • Can I add it to just one mailbox?

    No, email encryption must be added to ALL mailboxes that belong to the organization.
  • Can I use my smartphone or tablet to send encrypted emails?

    Yes, you can send an encrypted email from any device.
  • If I’m a health care provider, does HIPAA require me to use encryption?

    If you are sending Protected Health Information (PHI) by email, our encryption solution will safeguard the patient’s data.
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