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Change or delete my multi-factor authentication method

After adding a multi-factor authentication (MFA) sign-in method, you can delete it or change which one is used as your default. In case you lose your device, we recommend always having at least 2 methods set up.

  1. Go to your Security info page. Use your Microsoft 365 email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won't work here).
    • If you have a sign-in method (like the Microsoft Authenticator app or your phone number), use it to verify your identity.

Change your default sign-in method

  1. Next to Default sign-in method, select either Change or Set a default sign-in method, depending on what you see.
    The Security info page with the Change button highlighted next to the default sign-in method.
  2. Choose your preferred sign-in method, and then select Confirm. You'll see a confirmation that your default sign-in method was changed.

If you don't have a default sign-in method set up, you'll see Set a default sign-in method instead. Follow the steps to set up a sign-in method.

Delete a sign-in method

  1. Next to the method you'd like to remove, select Delete.
    The Security info page with the Delete button highlighted next to the sign-in method.
  2. To confirm your decision, select Ok. You'll see a confirmation that the sign-in method was deleted. If you don't have any other methods set up, add a new one.

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