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Managed WordPress Ecommerce Help

Connect Your Google Analytics Account

Note: If you don’t have a Google Analytics account yet, you’ll need to create a Google Analytics account and set up a property for your store before connecting. Note that, currently, only Universal Analytics tracking is supported. Google Analytics 4 will be supported in the future.

  1. Sign in to WordPress
  2. From the left side menu, go to WooCommerce and select Settings.
  3. Select the Integration tab and click Authenticate in the Google Analytics settings.
  4. Google will ask for you to allow the permissions listed on this screen. Click Allow.
  5. Choose the correct property from the list and select Save changes.

If you experience issues trying to connect, please check the debug mode before attempting to connect again. This will log information, such as API requests, that will help support teams troubleshoot your issues. Leave this disabled for best performance, unless you experience issues.

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