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Create a mobile version of my storefront

To increase the visibility of your Basic or Pro Reseller storefront, create an optimized mobile version that customers can easily access on mobile devices.

Note: We optimize mobile storefronts for Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome. You might experience minor problems if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer. We cannot convert some content to your mobile site, such as header images and advertisements.

  1. Log in to your Reseller Control Center. (Need help opening your product?)
  2. Click Storefront and then select Storefront Designer.
  3. Click the Advanced Options tab.
  4. In the Mobile Storefront section, check the Opt In box.
  5. Click Save and Continue.
  6. Click Publish storefront.

It may take up to 15 minutes for the changes to display on your storefront.

The mobile version displays at (where 123456 is your prog ID). For more information about your prog ID, see What is the URL of my Reseller storefront?

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