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Customize my banners in Advanced Email Security

Manage how Advanced Email Security displays banners in your incoming email. You can change how much detail is shown, and even suppress certain banner types on messages.

Required: This article is for Advanced Email Security powered by INKY. You can verify that you have INKY by signing in and checking if there's a blue header that includes "Powered by INKY" displayed at the top of your dashboard. See customization options for Advanced Email Security from Proofpoint.
dashboard banner
  1. Sign in to Advanced Email Security.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under Banner Format, choose your preferred format:
    • Minimal: Lists the threat type found in the message and a Details link for more information. This format is selected by default.
      minimal caution banner
    • Minimal (all links inside color banner): Like Minimal but includes the footer links inside the banner
      minimal all links caution banner
    • Verbose: Includes the details inline each message
      verbose banner
    • Micro: Doesn't show any threat information. The user will need to use the Details link in the footer for specific threat information.
      micro banner
  4. Under Customize Which Banners To Include, manage the settings for your banners, including when to display them on messages:
    • Trusted 3rd Party / Internal Mail: Choose which banners appear on email received from addresses within your organization or on your Trusted Third-Party Senders list.
    • External Mail: Choose which banners appear on email received from addresses outside of your organization.
  5. If you suppressed any banners in the previous step, confirm the checkbox next to Always include the "Report This Email" link is selected, even if no banner is included. This allows users to report messages even when there isn't a banner.
  6. At the bottom of the page, select Save Changes. Your banner changes will be saved. They can take up to an hour to take effect.

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