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Do I need to change any domain settings when I have my email transferred?

When you transfer your email account to Microsoft 365, if your domain is registered with GoDaddy and you're using our nameservers, you won't need to do anything during your upgrade.

If your domain is not registered with and using GoDaddy nameservers, you'll have to choose how you want your domain updates handled. You might be eligible for the Fully Automated option. In this case, we’ll do all the transferring and editing of your domain DNS nameservers and zone files during the upgrade.

If you're not eligible for (or don't wish to choose the Fully Automated option) you'll need to manually update your DNS nameservers and zone files. Please pay close attention to communications from SkyKick. We'll send a unique code that must be added to prove ownership of the domain name and intent to use Microsoft 365. You'll need to add CNAMEs required for Autodiscover, Teams, and other services. You'll also need to modify the MX record to point the domain to the Microsoft 365 mail server at your upgrade time. If you need assistance with setting up your DNS, our GoDaddy Guides are here to help.

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