How do my users access their mailboxes?

Your users access their Hosted Exchange Email mailboxes either using Outlook® Web Access or an email client.

Outlook Web Access

Using a Web browser, your users can go to, and then log in to their Hosted Exchange Email mailboxes. The URL they use depends on which version of Hosted Exchange Email your account uses. For more information, see Finding your email version.

  • Exchange 2007 —
  • Exchange 2010 —,, or

With browsers other than Internet Explorer® 6 or later, you can only access the OWA Light Version.

Exchange 2010 accounts require at least Internet Explorer® 7, Firefox® 3.0.1, Chrome™, or Safari® 3.1.

Email Clients

Your users can also access their Hosted Exchange Email mailboxes using an email client. For more information, see Downloading and Setting Up Outlook or Entourage for your Hosted Exchange Email Account or one of these articles:

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