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Registering a Domain Name Using GoDaddy.com Mobile

Use GoDaddy.com Mobile to register and manage domain names.

To get started, you need GoDaddy.com Mobile installed on your mobile device. See one of these articles for installation information:

Installing GoDaddy.com Mobile on Your Android Device
Installing GoDaddy.com Mobile on Your BlackBerry

To Register a Domain Using GoDaddy.com Mobile

  1. Launch GoDaddy.com Mobile from your mobile device.
  2. Tap Domain Search.
  3. In Domain Name Search, enter the domain name you want to register.
  4. Tap the .tld extensions to register, and then tap Continue to Registration.
  5. Select additional domain name products, and then tap Add to Cart.
    • Auto Renew— automatically renews your products to the card on file, as the product expiration date approaches.
    • Private Registration— replaces your domain name contact information with the contact information from Domains By Proxy®, our affiliate company used for private registrations.
    • Smartspace®— adds an instant web site, blog, photo album and social page to your domain name.
    • Domain name registration length— choose the amount of time to register your domain name.
  6. Verify order information accuracy, and then select an existing payment method or Enter New Payment Method.
  7. Tap Proceed To Checkout.
  8. Tap Place Order.

The order confirmation displays and we send product order details to the email address on file in the account.

See Using GoDaddy.com Mobile for more information.

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