Resource limits

Your cPanel hosting has a maximum amount of resources it can use. This makes sure no single account on a shared hosting server impacts other customers' experiences.

Shared Hosting

Resource Level CPU (Accessible Cores) Memory/RAM (MB) I/O (KB/s) Entry Processes (Concurrent Connections) Files (Inodes) Default Plan
Level 0 1 256 512 10 50,000 Free Trial1
Level 1 1 512 1,024 100 250,000 Economy, Deluxe
Level 2 2 1,024 1,024 125 250,000 Ultimate
Level 3 2 2,048 2,048 150 250,000 Available via upgrade

1 You cannot upgrade a free trial account's resource limitations. You must back up then cancel the free trial account, and then purchase and set up a new cPanel shared hosting account.

All cPanel shared hosting plans have the following limitations regardless of tier:

  • MySQL Concurrent Connections - 30 per account
  • SMTP Relays - 500/hour per account

Business hosting

If you have Business Hosting w/ cPanel, you have more resources for your websites and applications. Unlike shared hosting, resource levels in Business hosting are based on your plan tier.

Business Hosting Plan CPU (Accessible Cores) Memory/RAM (GB) Disk Space (GB)
Prime 1 1 60
Premium 2 2 120
Enterprise 2 4 240

The following resources are not restricted in cPanel Business Hosting:

  • Entry Processes
  • Disk Write (I/O)
  • MySQL Concurrent Connections
  • Files (Inodes)

All cPanel business hosting plans are limited to 500 SMTP relays per hour.

More Info

We define each of these resources and how they affect your account in How do each of cPanel's resources affect my site?

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