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What do the banners from Advanced Email Security mean?

With Advanced Email Security, all incoming email is flagged with a banner informing the recipient of its threat level. Neutral (gray), Caution (yellow), and Danger (red) are all possible threat categories.

Required: This article is for Advanced Email Security powered by INKY. You can verify that you have INKY by signing in and checking if there's a blue header that includes "Powered by INKY" displayed at the top of your dashboard.
dashboard banner

A Neutral banner means that the message came from an external sender but does not appear to be a threat.
Neutral banner

When a Caution banner is shown, it means that Advanced Email Security found something unusual in the email. It might not be considered dangerous, like when you receive email from a first-time sender, but the message should be treated with caution.
Caution banner

A Danger banner indicates that Advanced Email Security believes the message is suspicious and could be a phishing attempt. Possible reasons for this banner include brand impersonations, blacklisted phishing URLs, or attempts to spoof mail so it looks like it came from an internal company account. Your security team or email administrator can configure your server to automatically quarantine these dangerous emails.
Danger banner

If the email includes a suspicious link that you or another user opened, Advanced Email Security will stop you from continuing to the malicious site.

Related step

  • If the banner isn't showing the right threat level, report it to help improve Advanced Email Security.

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