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Windows Hosting (Plesk) Help

Your website has been migrated! Welcome to Plesk hosting

GoDaddy is constantly working to provide our customers with the best hosting experience on the market. As part of these efforts, we've upgraded our Windows 4G hosting customers to Plesk hosting. The control panel is different, but now you have access to all the features that you enjoyed previously along with new ones.

Note: A few things to keep in mind:
• Most features are domain specific. If you have multiple domains, please use the features shown within that domain.
• If you see only a few icons for the domain you want to work on, click Show More to see the entire list.

What's new?

  • Website Copying - Great when:
    • You have websites which share some of the same data. Copy one website to the other and then upload the changed pages.
    • You maintain Dev/Test and Production websites. Once you're confident of your Dev/Test version of the website, you can copy it to the Production version.
    • You have FTP storage and want to copy your website(s) to that storage.
  • Web Deploy Publishing Settings - Publish applications created in Visual Studio to your website.
  • Advisor - Plesk's built-in website tool which examines your website and then makes suggestions to improve security.
  • Whois Information - check the publicly available domain ownership information.
  • Failed Requests Tracing - Gather information to debug persistent bad web page requests.
  • Hotlink Protection - Protect your site from other developers linking to your images, which uses your bandwidth and can slow down your website performance.

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